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Commercial, Industrial & Residential Building. Complete Solutions.
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Shop Construction BG LTD Varna - Overall maintenance of buildings and facilities

Shop Construction BG - Overall maintenance of buildings and facilities

Building repair and maintenance




For Home Owners & Residential Tenants 


Professional Home Maintenance All Year Round  


If you are the owner of a property representing an apartment, a house, an office, a hotel, a shop, etc., and you need maintenance, management, technical support, repairs and other services related to your property or you are the manager of a FACILITY MANAGEMENT company, we will gladly offer you our services for maintenance and repair of buildings, machinery, equipment and installations and will take care of your needs.
We can assume full responsibility for the organization and smooth operation of your buildings, thus helping you to focus on your core business. We are your professional partner that will help you save time and money. We will provide comprehensive maintenance of your property by ensuring that your property assets favour your business. You can count on us.
By choosing us, you will get a wide range of services, starting from the inspection and survey, through to the renovation of your premises. Here are some of the services we offer:


Overall maintenance of buildings


- Roofs and roof spaces.
- Coverings of tiles, terracotta tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone, any kind of pavement tiles, etc.
- Structures of plasterboard, all kinds of putties, plasters and mortars.
- Paint-work.
- Carpentry works.
- Glazing.
- Insulation work, any kind of hydro and thermal insulation.
- Maintenance of facades.
- Maintenance of window frames: wooden, aluminum, PVC.
- Repair and maintenance of furniture, ordering and installation of new furniture.
- Installation and repair of sanitary fixtures, washing machines, boilers and others.
- Repair of doors and locks.
- Joiner (hardware) works.
- Maintenance of external facilities, alleys, sidewalks and lawns.
- Maintenance of underground and ground parking areas.
- Maintenance of aquatic facilities, swimming pools, fountains, etc.


Complete maintenance of systems and equipment in buildings


The maintenance includes assessment of the condition, planned maintenance, servicing, regular tests of all installations and facilities in the building.

- Emergency Power Systems: UPS systems and diesel generators.
- Air conditioning systems: VRV, VAV, individual split systems, fan coil units.
- Ventilation systems: air ducts, exhaust fans, filters, etc.
- Electric installations.
- Main distribution switchboards of high and low voltage.
-Transformer stations.
- Heating systems.
- Lifts.
- Fire alarm and fire extinguishing equipment.
- Fire extinguishing means.
- Water installations, pressure boosting systems, sewage pumps.
- CCTV, cable TV and telephone installation.

Administrative Services


- Developing a comprehensive plan for construction and maintenance of the buildings at the specific site as required by the technical passport of the buildings.
- Preparing the annual draft budget for the implementation of the activities within the overall plan for construction and maintenance.
- Organization of individual monthly reporting and payment of bills:
electricity, drinking water, household gas, cable TV, Internet, telephone, etc.
- Organizing round-the-clock security services.
- Individual-payment of property tax and waste tax on behalf of the owner.


Shop Construction BG LTD Varna - Overall maintenance of buildings and facilities
Shop Construction BG LTD Varna - Overall maintenance of buildings and facilities
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